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Have you ever wondered why the grass looks greener on the other side? The answer to your question may lie in the quality of your soil and proper lawn care. Whether you take care of your lawn yourself or hire a professional lawn care company, you might be interested in attending our next UTEC special speaker event. 

UTEC is proud to present Dr. Joseph Heckman, Ph.D., Rutgers University Extension Specialist, as our speaker, who will be discussing the practical aspects of fall lawn care, fertilizer use without compromising the local water quality and teach homeowners about how to get their soil tested at the Rutgers Soil Test Lab. He will discuss both conventional approaches, as well as organic and alternative lawn care. Fall is a great time for testing soil and adding any necessary nutrients to support a healthy lawn. Please join us if you want to learn more. 

A 40 minute presentation, followed by Q&A session, will be given on Tuesday, October 13, starting at 7:30 pm at the Union Township Municipal Building, 140 Perryville Road, Hampton, New Jersey 08827. Admission is free for the Township residents and the purchase of a soil test kit is optional. (Pricing depends on an individual selection. For more details please visit https://njaes.rutgers.edu/soiltestinglab/services.asp

Dr. Joseph Heckman has over 25 years of extensive experience in Soil Science and teaches courses in Soil Fertility, Organic Crop Production, Agroecology and a seminar on Traditional Organic Food and Farming Systems. As Soil Fertility Specialist for Rutgers Cooperative Extension, he provides soil fertility recommendations for the wide variety of agronomic and horticultural crops grown in New Jersey by both conventional and organic farmers. The primary goal of his research extension program is to support healthy plant and animal ecosystems producing nutritious food for human health and sustainable communities.

Girl Scout Troop 80754 is collecting gently used sports equipment for local residents to use in an effort to decrease sports equipment in landfills. Based on the idea of "take a penny, leave a penny", residents of Union Township may donate and borrow sports equipment that will be stored, when it is not in use, in a shed in Finn Road Park. The items the troop will be collecting are listed on the troop's website-- www.uniontwpsportcycle.weebly.com. The troop will be at Finn Road Park on August 17th and 19th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. If you have any questions, you can submit a comment via the troop's website. Thank you!
Sportcycle Flyer

It is Hurricane Season in the Atlantic.  Be alert and pay attention to rapidly changing weather conditions which can include severe thunderstorms with lightning, heavy rain, hail and high winds.   Be prepared by monitoring the weather and use common sense to minimize the danger to you and your family.    

The NJ Office of Emergency Management website is a valuable source of information for preparedness.  Please visit this website to learn how to create your emergency tool kit:  


Union Township is seeking interested residents to fill two vacant seats on its Environmental Commission.  The primary purpose of the Commission is to advise local officials and educate the community on environmental issues and to promote the conservation of natural resources in the Township. Environmental background is welcome, but not necessary. If you are passionate about the environment or helping our community, please consider joining us! Meetings are monthly. Please email your interest and credentials to Claudia Rocca, the Commission Chair, at crocca781@aol.com. Thank you!

Two Items of Interest to Union Township Residents

As most of you are aware, the Union Hill condominiums, units 1-18, have been partially demolished due to the fire last November, and construction plans are being finalized. It remains unclear when the rebuilt units will be completed and residents allowed to return. Construction is estimated to begin in August.

Many of these residents have relied upon homeowner's insurance policies to pay for rent of alternate housing since the fire, and unfortunately some of these insurance plans are coming to an end.  There are a number of former Union Hill homeowners, most single and several elderly, who are actively looking for housing in Union Township or close by. If you are aware of an available apartment, in-law suite or even a furnished room or two for rent to one of our fellow residents in need, please contact Dawn Carone, Access Property Management, at 908 806-2600 or email her at dcarone@accesspm.com.  Dawn has graciously agreed to act as a clearing house for short-term rentals for the "Union Hill 18".  Many thanks to Dawn and Access Property Management for continuing to work on behalf of our residents.  If you have questions, please contact Ms. McBride at mmcbride@uniontwp-hcnj.org.

We have a new initiative at our Recycling Center - we now recycle tires up to 36" in diameter, $3.00 per tire, cash or check; $6.00 per tire on rims. Tires accepted during Saturday morning recycling hours 8am-12pm; Union Township residents only!

Just a friendly reminder – Union Township does not pick up leaves and other tree debris. Please click here for suggestions on leaf and yard waste management from our Environmental Commission.

New Jersey Monthly magazine just rated Union Township, Hunterdon County #5 in their biannual survey of Top 100 NJ Towns. Five categories were considered: home values, property taxes, crime rate, school performance and lifestyle factors. For more information,
click here.

JCP&L now has a special Well Water Customer List for homes and businesses dependent upon electrically operated private water wells. Call 1-800-662-3115 to be added to the Well Water Customer list, or complete the form that will be enclosed in future bill inserts.

JCP&L also has a new Critical Care list for households dependent upon electrically operated life-support equipment. Call 1-800-662-3115, and JCP&L will send you a form that must be completed and signed by your physician every year to verify that you have life support equipment. JCP&L will utilize this list to contact Critical Care customers by telephone if an outage effects electric service for more than 24 hours. The list will also be provided to county and municipal Offices of Emergency Management. You can learn more about this free service here.

Would you like to be better informed in case of a County-wide emergency? Register for alerts from the County Communications Center at http://co.hunterdon.nj.us/rapidnotify.htm.  In addition to weather alerts, the County may send out additional alerts where public health or safety may be endangered:  for example, large fires, chemical spills, public water contamination, or certain police activity.  Those who register can receive alerts on cell phones, home phones, or via email.  The registration process is simple and can be completed from home, work or a computer in a public place such as a library.  Residents who are unfamiliar, or uncomfortable, with computers should ask a family member to sign them up for phone notifications.

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