Union Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Union Township Zoning Official

Jim Graham, Zoning Officer
908-735-8027 ext. 19
Email: zoning@uniontwp-hcnj.org

ZONING AND THE PROPERTY OWNER: All construction activities require a zoning review and approval before Construction Permits can be submitted to the DCA (State Department of Community Affairs). The homeowner/property owner/tenant or agent submits a Zoning Permit Application to the Zoning Office for project review/compliance with the Zoning Ordinances. Additions, alterations, swimming pools, and sheds are just a few examples of construction requiring review. Zoning review is also required for the proper display of a residence address; tree removal; driveway installation, alteration or paving; outdoor lighting; signs; and alternative energy projects (i.e. solar panels). The Zoning Permit Application is available here, and at the Municipal Building (ask the Township Clerk).

The Township of Union is comprised of multiple zoning districts, each with its own particular minimum home site, yard, and building requirements. These requirements include minimum front, side and rear yard setbacks, maximum lot coverage, habitable floor area and structure height. You can view the Township Zoning Map here. A large version of the Zoning Map is posted in the Zoning Office or you may call the Zoning Office for zoning classification.

To determine the requirements and limitations that apply in a particular zoning district, the home owner may review the appropriate zoning ordinance here (click here), visit this website under “Township Code”, review a copy of the Zoning Ordinance at the Zoning Office, or simply discuss the project with the Zoning Officer.

Office hours for Jim Graham, Zoning Officer, are Tuesdays and Thursdays, Noon to 4:00 pm at the Union Township Municipal Building, 140 Perryville Road, Hampton, New Jersey. You may drop off a completed zoning application anytime during regular business hours (9-4pm). You can also communicate with the Zoning Office via email at zoning@uniontwp-hcnj.org or by voicemail at (908-735-8027) extension 19.

If the homeowner’s proposed project does not comply with the Zoning Ordinance for certain reasons, a variance might be obtained from the Board of Adjustment. Note: the Zoning Officer is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the Zoning Ordinances and may not waive its requirements: that power is granted by law to the Board of Adjustment. If the project does require a variance, the Zoning Officer will explain the process and guide you towards the Planning Board/ Board of Adjustment.

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